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AAA WAY SHOP is the easy way to get your favorite products from home. The shop is an online retailer, wholesaler and distributor of certified natural products &shopping products.

We provide a great selection of products for the environmentally responsible consumer, the conscious business owner or the family nurturer; all of whom no longer want to accept compromises regarding their nutrition or our environment. Our online health food store arranges delivery of high quality natural products & shopping products directly to your door.

Our Shop

AAA WAY SHOP : aaa [anbu,arul and anandham] way to supporting your innate in body, mind, and spirit. aaa way shop is non-profit organization. Anyone can run an online shop but not many shops are run by experienced people with their heart and soul in the natural business.

AAA WAY SHOP. Com was started by a group of passionate people in the natural product service business with more than 5 years of professional experience to boot. While we do not claim to be the cheapest or have the widest range of products, after servicing the F&B industry for this long, we certainly know a thing or two about food (and health in groceries, for that matter).

And unlike conventional online stores, we have someone you can talk and write to, and even somewhere you can walk to see what we have. If you have a food or health related question, write to our aaa center and we will try to our best to answer it – even if it's not directly related to our natural products.

At AAA WAY, we go beyond shopping at a click of a button.

As a group of companies, our mission and motto is to put a thought into everything that we do and we would like to share this health logy with all our aaa way shop customers as well. 


The company philosophy is simple: we offer the freshest and best natural products to our customers. Our Endeavour is to ensure that you get the widest possible choice of natural products delivered at your doorstep. All our produce is 100% herbal, with a certification that ensures its authenticity. 

How does it work?

The aaa way shop supports farmers to grow certified natural produce and follows multi-level quality parameter to ensure quality products to be provided to our customers as well as follow all compliances of our health certification bodies in India for more visits.

We ensure that our customer is paying for true natural products of the highest quality. We have employed stringent quality control methods so that the best natural produce reaches your home.



The aaa center Quality employs the expertise of top Organic Agriculture experts from seed to store. A full-fledged Assurance team ensures fresh, Organic produce right through the pre-harvesting, post harvesting process till the stores.

Highly skilled trained labor follows efficient, hygienic cleaning and packaging systems so that top quality produce reaches your doorstep. The knowledgeable trained customer service staff and easy to shop e-commerce store makes your natural shopping experiences a pleasure.



The aaa way shop was started by Mr Arul mani and Mr. Mani gandhi Their vision behind The aaaway shop is to create a better life for future generations, with clean air, access to healthy and fresh food, healthy lifestyles. They also envision respect for farmers, who will be prosperous and are able to take care of the land that we borrowed from future generations.


Our Team

When you work for your planet you know that you are a company that makes a positive contribution to the world that we live in. Our agenda is to continue to be at the forefront of the health natural revolution, to promote organic food and sustainable agriculture. We promote local food where we can cultivate it organically and eat seasonally. And we mean it – we do what we do because it is the right thing to do, not because it’s the right thing to say.

All at The aaa way shop are committed towards making a difference to your life and to the world we live in. Our team comprise of qualified and efficient professionals from all walks of life.


The Team Members

v  Mr Arul mani – Founder

v  Mr Mani gandhi– Co-founder

And an efficient supporting team of floor operation, customer care executives, accounts & field marketing, without which the efficient operation cannot happen.

Aaa way Shop the way you want. Health the way you should!